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Shearing              Amada G. P. N. 425


Laser Cutting       Amada LCG 3015 AJ 4kw

(New 01/08/16)        3m X 1.5m Sheet Size

                               Cut upto 22mm thick


Forming               Amada HFE MK II Press Brake (new 2011)

                            Amada FOB – 1253 Fine Bender


Graining               900 mm Timesaver Graining Machine 


Rolling                 Morgan Rushforth Power Rolls

                              2 metre x 6mm capacity

                            Morgan Rushforth 6’ x 10swg


Notching              Amada CSW 220 x 3.5 capacity


Cutting                 IMET BS 280 Plus Bandsaw


Mig Welding         Aluminium & Mild Steel


Tig Welding         Stainless & Aluminium – to 500 amp.


Bead Blasting      Vixen Jet Air 4’ capacity

                              Aluminium Oxide


Stud Welding       Cromp Arc CDR 88


De-Greasing         Vixen Parts Washer (new 2011)


Paint Shop           Gasfired Oven 20ft maximum

                                    Spray Booth

                              Eurotec Finishing System

                              (Powder Electrostatic)

                              Variety of wet processes

Timesaver Graining Machine


Amada HFE MK II 

Press Brake

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